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"SkyWood" LTD carries out it’s activities on the territory of Latvian Republic and belongs to the Group of companies run by a Switzerlands company.

"SkyWood" LTD works in the wood processing industry. The company owns a wood processing factory which operats for more than 10 years, storage terminal, wholesale warehouse with the total area size of 2,5 ha. The plant employs more than 45 people.

Our company specializes in production of lamella radial and semi-radial sawn boards out of Siberian larch and pine from North parts of Russia.

Larch is one of the best lumber species. Despite it’s lightness, it's wood differs with fine strength, excelling oak-wood and just slightly complies with its hardness. It’s equally resilient in the air as in water. Due to the special compound of resin (gum) larch is firm to rotting and insect damage. It does not need an antiseption. As time goes on the larch wood only gathers strength. It can be smooth and fine processed with hand-held tool. This wood varies in pattern, is rich with color change and is very expressive.

The factory has drying furnaces with the total processing volume of 4000 m³ of timber per month, planer workshop for such product manufacturing as:
- floor board
- parquet board
- terrace board
- wall board 
and other wooden finishing materials.

Also the factory has a furnace for composite wood manufacturing (window beam, door beam, particle board, window-sills, ladders and other composite constructions).

The total volume of delivered products – 5000m³ per month. The products manufactured in the factory are being periodically tested in independent laboratories.

Our company provides full-cycle service of wood processing to other companies.

"SkyWood" LTD has the experience in nonstandard product manufacturing needed for restoration and reconstruction of buildings, which are cultural monuments and objects of historical heritage, nonstandard garden furniture made from Siberian larch.

Great attention is being paid to the equipment modernization, manufacturing process optimization, the quality of products and environment protection improvement.